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When X-mini says “Sound Beyond Size”, they weren’t kidding. It’s surprising how well they sound. Come in multi colors for what ever you flavor you like.

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Walking through the Macworld iWorld I noticed these crazy looking speakers. It would be nice to have in the home, but at that price I think I rather have a 12 core MacPro maxed out.

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Here at the Macworld iWorld event attending MacIT conferences. There is a lot of cool IOS and Mac OS X Software management software.

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The ultimate iFan event is happening Thursday Jan. 26th- Sat. Jan. 28th. Macworld will be going through a name change  to iWorld. I just finalize all my travel and hotel plans to head out to San Francisco for the big event. How many of you will be going? There is still time to register, so click on the image and get to it. See you there!

Went to the Dubs show this past Saturday and came home with some unexpected hardware. 1st place for Best Audio System and 1st Place Best Lexus.

Yesterday was a surprise for many when Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs resigned. I thought he would have done it in another 3wks. Well, it will be interesting to see if products under his reigns will be collectors items. (post-Jobs) Now, as Tim Cook takes over as the new CEO of Apple, I have no doubt that Apple will continue to innovate and lead a blazing trail ahead of its competitors.

We all wish you the best Steve!

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