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Got Kittens?

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One of our cat had a litter of kittens. I guess that makes 13 total


Went to the Dubs show this past Saturday and came home with some unexpected hardware. 1st place for Best Audio System and 1st Place Best Lexus.

Yesterday was a surprise for many when Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs resigned. I thought he would have done it in another 3wks. Well, it will be interesting to see if products under his reigns will be collectors items. (post-Jobs) Now, as Tim Cook takes over as the new CEO of Apple, I have no doubt that Apple will continue to innovate and lead a blazing trail ahead of its competitors.

We all wish you the best Steve!

Fring adds native iPad 2 to its 4-way video conferencing device list | 9 to 5 Mac | Apple Intelligence.

Look what I found

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Metra has a sick IS300 on display @ SBN 2K11 Daytona Beach, FL on Twitpic

Just randomly found this picture of my car on the internet.