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Attending this past Sunday’s event was nice. Occasional cool breeze with slight overcast except when the sun forced it’s way out. Hence, why I got burnt so bad that I can’t feel my face. On the good side I came home with 2 awards. Custom Division: 1st place Sport Compact Asian and Elite: 1st Place Best Engine.


Went to the Dubs show this past Saturday and came home with some unexpected hardware. 1st place for Best Audio System and 1st Place Best Lexus.

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I want to give a Big Thanks to Raymond_N who did the great photo shoot for with my car. Check out his Flickr for more great pictures.

New Family Car

Posted: 01/12/2011 in Automotive, Blog
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I picked up a 2011 Lexus GX460 for my new family. That’s right, I became a new dad the ending of November. I have been really busy since then and haven’t had the time to post much. One good advantage is getting that permit to park in the stroller parking spot!

Well this was supposed to be a weekend event at the Miami Homestead Speedway and plans were changed. They moved the venue to the Miami Beach Convention Center. The changed it because they said that at least three out of six shows were raining and the added factor that Miami was HOT!

I was happy for the move indoors, but it definitely messed up the events that were planned when it was at the speedway. The show was a lot smaller, but what do you expect having to change the venue at the last minute. It was the best they could do on short notice. Even though you hear people saying how bad it was, you have to remember they were luck enough to be able to get the space they did. There were other events going on in the convention center that took up a lot of room.

I didn’t really care for the entertainment they had going on. It was more annoying than anything else especially those two rappers who just wouldn’t shut it. I had a couple of chances to walk around and see some nice cars and there were a few that stood out. Like always I would like to congratulate all my fellow winners. I ended up taking home “Best in Class”

Excited to get back out to and go to some shows, I attended the Remix in Miami. I got there early enough to see everything go up. The show had almost 500 cars in attendance. I think everyone was excited to get back to the show seen, because lately with the way the economy has been going, there hasn’t really been any shows in a long time.

Its the first time Remix was in MIami and no doubt they had their hands full. It was HOT and I mean burning freaking HOT! The temperature went into the triple digits, 103 to be exact. Everyone was looking for shade and trying to find someway to cool down. There should of been water misters out there, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully next time they can make it an indoor event or don’t have the show durning the middle of summer time.

The show came to a close around 11pm when the awards were handed out. I like to congratulate all the winners for hanging in till the end. I was lucky enough to have won the “Finest Custom Lexus” category among these great competitors.